Mangiando calabro nduja calabrese

Mangiando Calabro was born from the initiative of a young Calabrian boy, aged 28.

Giesufatto Salvatore Colacchio was born in Vibo Valentia and grew up in a family of farmers in Arzona, a small provincial village that has about 550 inhabitants.

He spends his life surrounded by love and tradition, it is from this strong attachment to his land that the idea of ​​creating a young

 and lively company comes to life, with the aim of bringing to tables of the whole world, the ancient flavors of Calabrian products, made today as they once were, delicious and genuine.

The main objectives of Mangiando Calabro are: to export the products of the real Calabria to share the goodness and delicacy of homemade cold cuts, cheeses and in oil, made with love and tradition, even with people from other nations, giving them the opportunity to know our gastronomic varieties.

Calabria is a land with many defects but which steals your soul thanks to the joy of the people who live there, through the colors and landscapes that leave you breathless.

Uncontaminated land, sea and sun are the main elements that characterize Calabrian products, unique aromas and flavors.